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slow release club edition

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slow release club edition
slow release club edition

זמן ומיקום

23 בספט׳ 2022, 23:30

HaMerEts St 2, המרץ 2, תל אביב, 6653518, ישראל

פרטי האירוע

Slow Release Friday Nightclub Edition

“I got the poison

I got the remedy

I got the poison, the rhythmical remedy”

 Liam Howlett / Keith Palmer


23:30 Ken:ito

01:30 Live Session w/ Vitali (Beats&Synths) + Uri (ViolinFX)

03:00 Amanda

05:00 Haim Vitali

During the last editions of Slow Release we had some exciting adventures involving unique guest appearances of classical music instruments playing live into the night alongside modular synths and drum machines. It was certainly a mind blowing experience.

In this Friday Nightclub Edition we’ll be more ravey but on our unique SR way - reaching out to the Low-to-Mid-Tempo Electronic Dance Music.

Ken:ito will open with sounds from his motherland in Latin America. Slow Release is not a Slow Release without Live Session so Vitali & Uri will keep this tradition with a lot of synth tweaks, heavy kicks and moving violins in the dark. Amanda, a great DJ & Selector will take it further on with music that will make you move slowly yet so so Sexyyy. On the closing set - your SR host Haim Vitali. Except the most.




Free till 01:00

40nis after


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    ‏40.00 ₪
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