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Margin Call

ההרשמה סגורה
אירועים אחרים
Margin Call
Margin Call

זמן ומיקום

15 ביולי 2022, 23:00

Tel Aviv-Yafo, HaMerEts St 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

פרטי האירוע

---הפעם בתוכנית---

Uri Tiser (UK Dubstep) A good friend of the line will open an evening with a true 140 selection.

Gilad Gat (UK Garage) Another good friend of the line is going to make even more strict sound in the UK 140 area.

Jahrkon [NiceUp Rec] (UK Breakbeat) This is Our Man! Well known and, which is far more important, knows well.

Kore Dada [Ya!Prod] (160 footwork/breaks) More old skilled friends on the decks. Expected to hear some advanced ftwrk breaks here.

Max Rider [Abstract Beats/Misterika] (160 footwork/breaks) Max, a big name and a big frame, is a true giant of the underground sound business. Known as skilled DJ for decades, our friend will step up with the 160 newskool soundings.

Vojtek [Homemade Soundsystem] (Jungle vinyl set)

Vassily is an old friend from Jerusalem, a soundsystem builder and owner, will take the duty with the true vinyl jungle show. Taste is going to be Great.

Ra Gi [MicroChip] (Jungle/Breakcore) There is no need to introduce Maor, who should be familiar to you from almost any other Partyzan lineup. Get ready.

Tal Gitelman [Patyzan Soundsystem] (Breakcore) Tal is a mature expert in the most sound fields of today. This is gonna be special, can't even tell you how.

DJ Angry [Partyzan Soundsystem] (Breakcore)

Uri will perform the signs of an energy blast in that beautiful morning.

FC. 50nis. Fair bar. Chillouts expected. See you there.


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